The Nature Wanderer


A small bird lying in the middle of the road, barely breathing. Stressed from the near fatal collision with a passing obstacle unknown in it natural world. Was I meant to find it? Was it meant to stay oblivious to the passing world with its contrasting orange and black from the yellow stripes painted on the cold grey? What made me stop this morning? Is there a force out there that guides us to our destined paths?

Nature is full of contrasts. We see it in the game of survival. Yet all these contrasts may be connected in some way. Are we part of that connection? Our species seems to try very diligently to separate itself from the natural world, yet we keep getting pulled back into its grasp. I’m not certain of the causes, but I feel that we are all connected through an energy that spans beyond our imagination.

All we need to do is try to get the connection with nature back in focus. I did that as I stopped to help that desperate soul. The positive energy of the connection allowed that tanager to continue its life as I continued mine.