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The Nature Wanderer

Keep Exploring The Nature Around You

Let’s Wander Through Nature Together!

Welcome to The Nature Wanderer. Through my podcast, videos, hikes and ramblings, I hope to encourage you to explore the natural world in your own backyard and beyond.

The Nature Wanderer podcast is a weekly podcast that explores nature. From glaciers and volcanos in Iceland to field mice in your own backyard, I teach you about all aspects of nature.

I also offer online classes for BSA Scouts. Public classes are in the works and should be released soon.

In this digital age, many people have forgot about our connection with nature. I hope to encourage you and others to rebuild that bond that heals us and connects us to each other as well.

The Nature Wandering Challenge…

Sometimes our lives get so busy that we “forget” to connect with nature. These are the times that we need some encouragement to get outdoors to explore and enjoy the natural world around us. I invite you to join the Nature Wandering Challenge to encourage yourself to connect with nature more often in your busy life.

The Challenge is free and fun.

“Not all those who wander are lost”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Nature Journals

Do you want to keep a journal of all your wanderings through nature? I have several journals for both adults and children available at

Nature is Awesome!

I encourage you to keep exploring the nature around you.

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Let’s connect! If you have nature questions please send me an email. If you have ideas or suggestions for future podcast episodes or for walks or programs, let me know.